Creating Table Views With Storyboards

Mar 13, 2012 21:18 · 147 words · 1 minute read iOS UITableView

Storyboards are one of the many new features introduced in iOS5 and Xcode 4.2 and take the visual creation of iPhone and iPad interfaces to the next stage.

Although Interface Builder provides a visual way of laying out user interfaces, up until now the process of moving between screens has required a certain amount of “glue code”.  This is relatively straight-forward when you’re dealing with simple apps – but add UIKit functionality like tab bar controllers into the mix, and things suddenly get a lot trickier.  Storyboards  come to your rescue in situations like this.

Although you don’t need to use them, Storyboards can be useful when building table-based applications.  To follow on from my book, I’ve put together quick start guide that steps you through the basics of Storyboards, and how they can be used to build table-based navigation apps.

Download the guide as a PDF