"profile doesn't match application identifier" problems in XCode

Jul 7, 2011 12:59 · 201 words · 1 minute read development iOS xcode

Occasionally, you can end up in an XCode nightmare trying to get your app to play nicely with development and distribution certificates.   One of the symptoms of this is being unable to select a profile, because they’re all greyed-out with the message “profile doesn't match Application Identified 'com.<whatever>.<etc>'

This might be because the profiles are cocked-up, but if you’ve been through the download-certificate-and-add-to-Xcode dance, it might be because your application identifier doesn’t match that of the certificate.

This is set a bit further down the screen, in the ‘Packaging’ section under ‘Product name‘:

The fix for the problem is to edit the Product Name setting so it matches.  In this case, my product name started out as TeaWarsPOC, which doesn’t match the certificate name of com.charismaticmegafauna.teawars.  Switch the Product Name instead to teawars, and all of a sudden things start to work again.

To be honest, the whole provisioning and development certificate process in XCode and the Provisioning Portal seems needlessly complicated.  Hopefully Apple will get around to streamlining it someday, but in the meantime it seems to be a constant source of headdesking if the wailing and gnashing of teeth on sites like Stack Overflow are anything to go by.