Fixing problems with Spree installations

May 11, 2011 18:27 · 200 words · 1 minute read rails spree

If you’re trying to install Spree from the documentation, you’re likely to hit a couple of errors along the way.

The first one relates to Spree itself:

fatal: remote error:   Could not find Repository spree/spree-static-content

This is due to a typo in the documentation - replace the line in your Gem file which reads

gem 'spree_static_content', :git => 'git://'


gem 'spree_static_content', :git => 'git://'

The second issue is MySQL related: it blows up with this error:

WARNING: This version of mysql2 (0.3.2) doesn't ship with the ActiveRecord adapter bundled anymore as it's now part of Rails 3.1WARNING: Please use the 0.2.x releases if you plan on using it in Rails <= 3.0.xrake aborted!Please install the mysql2 adapter: `gem install activerecord-mysql2-adapter` (no such file to load -- active_record/connection_adapters/mysql2_adapter)

To work around this, replace the

gem 'mysql2'

line in your Gem file with

gem 'mysql2',  '~> 0.2.7'

After both of these changes, you’ll need to run the bundle installer.

The third issue occurs when trying to run the Rake files to bootstrap Spree - you’ll see

Source does not contain any versions of 'spree (>= 0, runtime)'

This can be overcome by replacing

gem 'spree'


gem 'spree', :git => 'git://'