Grabbing data from the Facebook API

Jul 15, 2010 17:12 · 185 words · 1 minute read api facebook graph php

One of the projects I’m currently working on needs has a large chunk of Facebook integration. It’s thrown up a couple of problems around groups and group permissions:

  • the need to figure out which groups a user belongs to

  • which of those groups the user has “write” permissions for.

The Facebook API is a bit of a moving target with all the various updates and changes going on, and documentation is a bit sparse. The first part of the challenge is relatively straight-forward, but the second is a bit trickier.

After much fiddling around, I knocked together two functions - one which retrieves data from the Graph API via a generic API url and cleans up the JSON object that gets returned; and a second that checks which groups the user can write to.

Function 1:

Function 2:

This second function requires that a Facebook API object has been created, as per the PHP SDK:

The existence or otherwise of $me can then be used to check if there’s a valid session before calling any functions that need an established session to prevent blow ups.