Demand that the DEB gets scrutinised

Mar 23, 2010 12:49 · 220 words · 2 minute read

On Thursday the Leader of the House of Commons, Harriet Harman, will outline how the Government is going to deal with the Digital Economy Bill.

I believe this is a fundamentally-flawed piece of legislation, written largely by lobbyists from entrenched corporate interests, and if passed will cause incalculable damage not just to the real digital economy but also to freedom of expression and speech.

You might not agree with me.  That’s not really important at this stage.

What is important is that a Bill this controversial and with such potentially far-reaching effects shouldn’t be rammed through the legislative process without the chance for our elected representatives to scrutinise it.

Whether it’s the Digital Economy Bill, or a law to regulate the maximum permissible length of a sausage roll - good laws are considered, scrutinised and debated.  Bad laws are made in the shadows.

Regardless of whether you think the DEB is right or wrong, take 2 minutes to go to 38 Degrees and write to Harriet Harman to demand that this law is debated and scruitinised. They’re our elected representatives, making laws on our behalf. It’s time they knew where they stand.

The Digital Economy Bill might not affect you, but the next law could.   And if the Government get away with rushing this bill through, it’ll happen with others.