Monthly weeknotes

Mar 13, 2010 18:39 · 366 words · 2 minute read Weeknotes

These aren’t weeknotes so much as month notes - I’ve been somewhat tardy in writing them up, although things have been quiet enough that one post a month will cover things nicely.

The big project that I’m working on at the moment is a personal one - Conflict-of-Interest-o-Matic. It’s a iPhone client for the They Work For You API, intended to give you quick access to the wealth of data that TWFY hold on our representatives and their representativeness.

Apparently there’s some talk of an election some time soon - you might have heard about it, you might not - so there’s something of a deadline attached to this project. That’s great for concentrating the mind, but it’s also throwing into sharp relief the gaps in my Objective-C knowledge.

So far the app is trawling the API and grabbing data - the next stage will be to make the interface a bit more shiny and implement the various bells and whistles needed to make it beta-testable.

A small project for a charity has kicked off - knocking together a Bebo channel for the My Dangerous Loverboy project in conjunction with Quba. There’s a wealth of content which the project has created, and Bebo have chipped in with some generous sponsorship. The next step here is to put together the design assets, and then start getting the content uploaded.

And just to keep the social network theme running, I did a bit of poking around Facebook for Folksy and Rattle to see how they could integrate the two sites more closely. There’s a very, very simple quick win which will get it off to a good start and generate some hard stats on usage which will allow a decision about whether some more involved work will be justified.

Other than this, it’s been quiet and domestic. That was always the plan for the first part of the year, but with the new financial year approaching so is the need to start turning from personal projects to more renumerative ones. So, I’m available for hire at highly reasonable rates, and will have to start chasing down opportunities a bit more proactively in the next few weeks or so.