It's Interesting Up North

Feb 26, 2010 23:06 · 217 words · 2 minute read interesting interestingnorth

[![Screen shot 2010-02-26 at 22.52.39]([Russell Davies’]( Interesting conference are something of an institution.  350 people cram into Conway Hall in London to hear interesting people talk about interesting things, ranging from Prozac-flavoured yoghurt, to a history of well-beloved ponies, to a live demonstration of the colour of Radio 4.  And that was just last year.

I’ve been to all three, taken photos of two and spoken at one.   And while they were all tremendous fun, all the Interesting conferences in the UK have taken place in London. With Russell’s blessing, it’s time to change that.

Interesting North will take place at some point this year somewhere that’s north of London and south of Edinburgh.  I’m not sure exactly where it will be, or when, or who will speak, or how much it will cost.   Those are all details that will get worked out between now and then, hopefully with the help of the kind of genial lunatics that make Interesting what it is.

So, this is a plea for help.  I’m going to need help to organise this, and I’m going to need interesting people to talk about interesting things to make it an Interesting day.  Give me a shout if you can help, and watch this space - and or interestingnrth - for further details.