Week #1

Jan 16, 2010 20:04 · 502 words · 3 minute read week1 Weeknotes

I used to hate having to write weekly reports, mainly because when the week’s work is set down in black-and-white, an outside observer can look at it and say “is that it?” - regardless of what’s actually been achieved.  There was also a strong whiff of “what I did on my holidays”-style essay about it all, too.   That said, they’re actually a very effective way of keeping track of what’s happened from the perspective of looking back into the past

Matt Webb started the trend, Brian Boyer aggregates them, and James at Rattle can legitimately claim to be up to week 1189.  But this is my week #1 of independent existence post-Headshift, and it’ll also have to serve as next week’s as well, because I’m away all week in the Lakes on the annual pilgrimage to Langdale.   The mobile coverage in that part of the world is spotty, which is the excuse I shall use if anyone get upset about the length of time I’ve take to reply to emails.

This week was basically decompression after finishing up at Headshift.   I’ve built and wired up a desk, set up a new Macbook ready for action and done a lot of dog walking in the snow.  It’s a lot like being on holiday, except that it’s unpaid at the moment.   I’ve also sat down and made serious inroads into getting my head around Objective C and the iPhone SDK - the ulterior motive being an iPhone client for Wordr.   The learning curve is not so much steep as practically vertical, but the one advantage I’ve found myself with so far is that having had some exposure to Rails, I’m used to the idea that stuff Just Happens when you’re using frameworks.   If you can suspend belief, accept that things Just Work even though you don’t fully understand why, and concentrate on making the important stuff happen rather than panicking about what’s going on in the background.

Inspired by Pepys’ Diary, I came across The Diary Of A Country Parson - it’s a diary written by an 18th century priest between 1758 and 1803.  I’ve started posting entries at parsonwoodforde.adoptioncurve.net - the site’s theme isn’t finished yet, so it’s a bare-bones Wordpress site at the moment but will get tarted up in a week or so.

On Thursday night there was a social media surgery run by Voluntary Action Sheffield, which I lent a hand at.   It was actually a pleasant change to be talking to people about social media when it’s not being seen as a profit-maximising tool.  I was surprised by how many organisations came along, and also how widely the use of social media ranges amongst them.

Next week is holiday, which will hopefully involve a lot of reading, a bit more Objective-C hacking and a chance to walk up some hills.  The week after that I’ll be back in London for a couple of days to catch up with some people, and talk to some others about potential future projects.