I'm going to talk at Interesting

Aug 3, 2009 17:21 · 370 words · 2 minute read Me

[UPDATED: slides from the day and some waffle available here]

[![559228171_96c29cc898_m](http://www.adoptioncurve.net/archives/2009/08/im-going-to-talk-at-interesting.php/559228171_96c29cc898_m)[Russell Davies](http://russelldavies.typepad.com)' Interesting “conferences” are about the best value-for-money day out you can find - £20 gets you into a gathering of 350 people at Conway Hall to see 20-odd talks on interesting topics. In the two years it’s been going they’ve ranged from Lego as a cure for global warming, the geophysics of World Of Warcraft, to why horse are scared of crisp packets. Imagine a cross between TED and a village fete. Only lots, lots more interesting.

I’ve been to both of them and took loads of photographs (incidentally, if I took your photo last year I’ve got 10x8 prints for you - let me know your snailmail address and I’ll stick them in the post.) This year I’m going to talk, which is a frankly terrifying prospect even if the audience are one of the nicest you could hope for.  So no pressure there, then.

For a while I’ve been intrigued with which skills are going to be of value in the post-Peak Oil apocolypes (“defending your food supply with a piece of 2-by-4”, according to Tom Taylor). I briefly played with the idea of welding together a bike frame with two car batteries and a coat-hanger, but Conway Hall has a long and distinguished history and I’d hate to be the one responsible for bringing that to an end by burning the place to the ground. Most of the audience are going to be people who communicate in some way for a living, which got me wondering what sort of post-peak Oil apocalyptic skills they could conceivably have to offer.  Something communicative, obviously.  Which then begs the question, how are we going to communicate when the more pressing need is defending your food supply with a piece of 2x4”?

So, combined with those mental meanderings and a vague desire to have a bit of audience participation, I’m going to try to teach all 350 people Morse code in 20 minutes. Or maybe 10 minutes if there are more interesting people who need more time.

So, that gives me about 2 months to panic, get hold of an Aldis lamp and find something to make smoke signals.