Narcoleptic Macbooks

Feb 17, 2009 12:02 · 236 words · 2 minute read

[![picture-2]One of the best features of the Apple OS is the ability to sleep virtually instantaneously.   It’s one of the Macbook owner’s party tricks - shut the lid, and the Macbook will be asleep, packed and in the bag while your average Vista laptop is still chugging away.  The reverse is true at start-up, too - the wake is virtually instant.

Unless you’ve got the same problem as I’ve been having - putting the MBP to sleep only to have it start back up again almost immediately afterwards.   Eventually it will sleep - I can either keep trying to sleep it until it works, or just close the lid and forget about it.  That solves the problem eventually, but there have been a couple of occaisions where it’s been awake in the bag and getting steadily hotter until I realised that my bag was a lot warmer than it should have been.

The problem seems to be caused by state transitions of the Airport card, which the firmware interprets as a “wake up!” signal.  You can get around it by disabling the Airport then sleeping, but that’s more work than it should be, particularly if you forget.   The absolute cure is Tao Effect’s Wireless Sleeper, which automates the process - it intercepts a sleep request and turns off the Airport automatically, then reverses the process on wake.   So far it’s worked flawlessly, and it’s also free-as-in-beer.