Jan 11, 2009 10:00 · 183 words · 1 minute read



Does anyone else see the irony in a story decrying the environmental impact of Google being wrapped top-and-sides by ads for a low cost airline?

The tinfoil hat brigade are out in force in the comments, too - mostly from the US, although I’m sure that’s just coincidence. My favourites are the ones like these:

Every time you breathe, you emit roughly 0.12 grams of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. So every 2 minutes a person releases 7.2 grams of CO2 just by breathing (the same amount of earthly terror as a Google search. Anyone who believes this deeply about global warming should hold their breath.

Which rather misses the point that CO2 emitted by respiration has been obtained from the short-term carbon cycle - plant and animal carbon - and not from fossil sources which would otherwise remain sequestrated.

The last word should probably go to Freemon Sandlewould of Phoenix, USA:

Only the radical left effeminates could POSSIBLY still believe in MMGW after the clear cooling trend happening on Earth. We should be subsidizing carbon usage to prevent global cooling.