Christmas reading

Dec 24, 2008 16:39 · 192 words · 1 minute read



This is becoming a bit of a Christmas ritual.

We really don’t need any more crap cluttering up our lives, and the whole “it’s your patriotic duty to keep the economy out of the toilet by shopping on credit for plastic crap that’s been shipped halfway across the planet and will be broken or discarded by Boxing Day” approach to life and politics is really getting on my tits.

On the other hand, you can never have too many books. So rather than wasting money buying things we don’t need as presents, we drop round to the local Oxfam bookshop and buy as many second-hand books as we can physically carry.

They last well into the new year, they don’t come with a cubic metre each of packaging, and when they’re done with they can be shipped back from whence they came for someone else to buy them next year. (Well, that would be the process if I ever got rid of books, but I don’t very often.)

And at an average price of £3.99, it’s easy to indulge the extreme end of catholic tastes in literature. As evidenced here.