Recession isn't sharpening this act up

Oct 7, 2008 15:24 · 643 words · 4 minute read

Picking flaws with recruitment agencies is something of a shooting-fish-in-a-barrel process at the best of times, but since the financial climate has become cloudier it seems that desperation has begun to set in.

I never, ever, ever - and I mean ever - deal with an agency that sends me an unsolicited CV. It’s rude, it’s unprofessional and it betrays a certain lack of competence on the part of the candidate if they’re allowing themselves to be represented by an agency that pulls stunts like this. Sending out teasers isn’t quite as egregious as attaching full CVs, but it’s still not cricket as far as I’m concerned - especially if I’ve told the agency “stop doing this” in the past.

So today’s unsolicited broadcast from is something of a classic. Let’s count the ways - firstly, it’s unsolicited, despite me telling this individual twice in the past to go away and stop sending me spam. Secondly, it’s completely inappropriate for my organisation - an MCSE helpdesk person, however talented, is going to get very, very bored in a Mac-and-Linux-only environment. And thirdly, it’s just - well, crass, really. I cringe to think of the kind of organisation that this would get a response from.

Here’s the email, with names removed to spare too much public embarrassment, although I was sorely tempted to hold the firm concerned up to public ridicule.



Subject: Do you need a female in your IT team? > >


Too much testosterone in your IT department?

Too much talk of football and cars?

Do you think a woman’s touch is need on your helpdesk?

Right now I am in the very exciting position of having not 1, but 2 female

IT Support Engineers looking for work > >

is an MCSE 2003 qualified helpdesk engineer with

4 years experience working for 2 separate companies. She has experience of

1st & 2nd line support for up to 250 staff, logging over 35 calls a day with a 70%

first time fix rate. thinks its time to move on and get a bit more

experience so is looking for a firm that can improve her IT skill set as well as offering

her career progression. is looking for the £24k mark > >

has more experience than and is packing more of a punch technically.

has a solid grounding in service desk support and has also managed

a small helpdesk team. She has supported a wide range of Microsoft networks

and products dealing with everything from MS office support in a legal firm

to hardware support in a marketing company. can interview with 2

days notice and is looking for around £27k > >

Both of these career women are keen to move so if you want to know more about either

or call me, as I know these two are going to get

snapped up. Just think to yourself “How often do experienced MCSE qualified female

IT support Engineers come on the market?” > >

Please call or email me to find out more about or or to discuss

any other IT related roles you may be struggling to fill. > >

Remember, I spend 10 hours a day, 5 days a week speaking to and recruiting

for IT professionals in London. I have candidates from all walks of life an

d for all situations > >

We specialise in roles including PC/Network Support, Software and Web Development

and Design and Senior Appointments, both on a contract and permanent

basis. To find out more about or , or to

discuss your current IT requirements and how we can help you, please contact me on

. > >

Kind regards,

> >

I wish the two women well in finding new work, but I can’t help but think they’d be better off with another agency.