Installing and fettling Subversion

Mar 7, 2008 21:47 · 211 words · 1 minute read

I’ve finally got around to figuring out how to install and configure a Subversion repository on one of my Debian boxes - these notes are more for my benefit than anything else, but through the power of Google they may come in handy for someone else.

**Installing Subversion with HTTPS support from scratch:


Installing Subversion on Debian Etch Complete

Creating the initial repository

svnadmin create –fs-type fsfs /var/svn/myproject

Doing the initial import

svn import -m “New import” myproj

This lifts the contents of the myproj directory and imports it into the repository

Working around HTTPS certificate problems in a Subversion client

If you’re using a GUI client to access a svn repository through an https connection, this can cause the client to barf - if it’s an invalid certificate, you may not get the option to trust it.

The workaround (on OS X, at least) is to cache the certificate from the command line so that the gui client will then accept it.

If you fire off

svn list

at the command line, you’ll get the option to reject or accept the certificate. Permanently accept it, and this will be cached and used by the gui client next time you access the repository.

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