Interviewette at LIFT

Feb 14, 2008 19:12 · 174 words · 1 minute read

While I was at LIFT08 in Geneva, I was interviewed by Nicolas Charbax [not his full name, but I’ve lost his business card and can’t see his name on his websites] who was filming quick interviews with a whole variety of LIFT attendees and presenters. It’s made me realise two things - one: that I’m never destined for a career that involves standing in front of a camera; and two: that technology has moved on a bit since I last held a VHS camera with a separate tape recorder - Nicholas was using a hand-held HD camera the size of a water pistol.

Considering that he was filming in a dark nightclub with a (loud and raucous) party going on in the background, the quality of the recording is amazing (the YouTube version is considerably downgraded from the HD original). The quality of my answers is not quite so amazing, and I really need to stop gurning if people are going to make a habit of filming me in closeup…

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