Tickling with iGTD

Jan 29, 2008 22:12 · 242 words · 2 minute read

This is one for the “why didn’t I think of this before?” list. I’m more-or-less settled on iGTD for managing my somewhat pale attempt at a GTD system, but it was bugging me that dated tasks - i.e. those that I’ve got to do on a specific day - don’t really fit into it all that well. There is a due date field, but that’s a bit clunky and wasn’t really cutting it - neither was sticking reminders as appointments in iCal, because that was fouling up the sync with my Zimbra calendar. (Difficult to believe that anything could foul up a Zimbra sync more than it is already, but that’s a subject for another rant…)

The solution is actually quite simple, so much so that I’m kicking myself that I didn’t think of it before. Canonical GTD would have you set up your 43 tickler files, month- and day-dated. Yeh, right. Like I’ve got space for 43 folders anywhere near my desk, and in any case, the overwhelming majority of my tickles are online anyway. So instead, I’ve set up tickler folders within iGTD - in a month/day subfolder structure - which means the tasks for a specific date are immediately visible.

Hardly revolutionary, it’s true, but it does at least have the advantage of bringing all my tasks together into one tool. Now if I could get it to sync with a Moleskine…

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