I Ain't Dead

Jan 15, 2008 23:32 · 314 words · 2 minute read

This site has been quiet and sporadically updated for a while. It’s partly down to sheer damn busyness work-wise, and partly down to the strange blogging hiatus that seems to strike most my fellow inmates at Headshift - there’s something about working with social software professionally that seems to suppress the blogging urge personally. Which is strange, because it’s not like I’m any shorter on opinions than I’ve ever been before. Maybe a 21st century manifestation of the old saw about cobblers’ children.

Originally a lot of the content here came from various “professional” incarnations of the blog, and my original “personal” blog was kept separate. Then that personal blog disappeared when I rationalised my domain names. I came across a SQL backup at the weekend and found myself thinking “why not put that lot back online?” - not that it will be of any interest to anyone other than me, but the last few years have been quite busy to put it mildly, and it’s kind of interesting to plough back through my archives and see what I was up to. Plus I’ve been browsing through the bios of fellow LIFT ‘08 participants and feeling very inadequate on the blog front.

The downside is that things are now messy - the archives are all over the place, some of the content is personal and some of the content is written from a “we” point of view as it was talking about company-related stuff. Not that this means it makes a lot more sense than usual, but it’s probably even less likely to be stumbled across than it ever was before.

The template has changed, too - I’ve lost the frog for a while and I’m back to a stock template which will get tweaked a bit over time.  But only when inspiration strikes, so it might be a while.

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