Getting passworded RSS feeds in working

Nov 28, 2007 10:06 · 126 words · 1 minute read

Password-protected RSS feeds in Mail are a royal PITA to set up - basically doesn’t support password authentication natively (or at least it doesn’t support entering the uid/passwords natively.) Here’s a sneaky work-around:

  • Add the feed into as normal, and let it whinge about not having a password

  • Go to Safari, and set it to be the default RSS reader if it isn’t already

  • Drop the feed URL into the address field, and respond to the authentication challenge - and allow the details to be saved into your Keychain

  • Go back to Mail, where the feed will have automagically updated using the Keychain settings.

Apparently the “make Safari the default reader” step is optional, but your 1.609344 kilometerage may vary.

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