We're all going to hell in a handbasket, and it's all the fault of <insert minority here>

Nov 23, 2007 12:32 · 328 words · 2 minute read

The Daily Mail pretty much sums up every I don’t stand for - a never-ending stream of petty “oh-woe-is-me-the world’s-going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket-and-has-been-since-the-60s-and-I-blame-the-immigrants-and

-single-mothers-and-the-BBC” spluttery conservatism. Apart from anything else, it’s the home of wingnut-in-chief Melanie Phillips, although I’m never quite sure how she manages to get to a keyboard to write her pieces - to read them you’d assume that she spends all her time cowering under her bed waiting for the Islamic fundamentalist apocolypse that’s supposed to be on the way.

(Incidentally, it’s worth checking out the Melanie Phillips link, if only to see the choice of stock photo that’s been chosen to illustrate the article: happy - and very white - family with perfect teeth and dimple-chinned children cavorting in the park, while the captions suggests that “for years we have watched the undermining of the traditional family - resulting in a rising tide of juvenile misery and social breakdown”. I can’t help but think the point of the article would have been better reinforced with a photo of a pram-faced Kappa-wearing teenager dragging a snot-nosed toddler towards a dole office.)

Having said all that, the Daily Fascist Mail is also a source of huge entertainment value thanks to the comment boards. The actual columns themselves get subedited, which tones down the invective a bit, but the comments are the work of the readers - bashing out their diatribes from behind spittle-flecked screens while humming a chorus or two of “Jerusalem”. Which means you get absolute gems like this, from John F (who surely must reside in Tunbridge Wells?)

“Its a shame the Military Chiefs are not parking their tanks on the Whitehall lawns. They would have my full support if they did plus I would be more than willing to help them string up Brown, Darling, Browne and all the NuLab thugs at Traitors Gate.

In addition we can also throw the Guardianistas and the Left wing BBC in the Towers Dungeons to rot for 10 years.”