Inside out IT

Nov 14, 2007 23:05 · 173 words · 1 minute read

This post from Andrew McAfee hit the nail right on the head for me, in summing up the attitude of many corporate IT functions to the world outside their empires:

“Among the least kind terms I hear used to describe IT organizations are ‘priesthood’ and ‘empire.’ These words imply a belief that corporate IT departments consciously exclude outsiders and outside influences, and are concerned primarily with expanding themselves.”

That’s certainly been my experience - in fact, in a previous life the IT function went as far as housing itself in a separate building, and restricted access to the rest of the business - the customers - to a few senior managers and the service desk function. And consequently, the attitude to changes in the world around them could best be described as indifference, if not outright denial.

In the end, you’ve got a choice if you’re a corporate IT shop. You can either go with the flow, or watch impotently as your customers vote with their feet and service themselves outside the firewall.