Jul 14, 2007 11:18 · 174 words · 1 minute read

This is worthy of a true ‘wtf?’ moment.

Some people!

They leave all their electrics on standby. They crank the heating right up – and then throw all the windows open when they get too hot. They’ve got a bigger carbon footprint than a Sasquatch with a foot full of bunions. > >

If this sounds like someone you know, they need to be

grassed up immediately – and you’re just the person to do it!

That’s the text of an email I got this morning from PowerGen, inviting me to grass up a friend for leaving their TV on standby. This is the Powergen that comes dead last in the green energy ratings from Switch2help, and has a marvellous reputation for pricejacking. Oh, and their “green” tariffs come bundled with an affinity deal with everyone’s favourite environmentally-conscious supermarket chain, Tesco.

In none of this is there any mention of their “green” tariffs, so I guess it’s cheaper to cook up a greenwash marketing campaign than it is to actually change your corporate practices…