CBI says we're all malingering skivers

Apr 10, 2007 15:40 · 175 words · 1 minute read

The CBI seldom misses a chance to bang on about what a bunch of idle, work-shy layabouts the Great British Workforce is, and how we should all be boiled down for glue like the ungrateful skiving wretches that we are. (“When I were a lad we lived in a cardboard box and got the plague for fun. And we were grateful to live on coal!)

And they’re not shy of whipping up some dubious statistics to prove the point (and further cement their rightful position of the last bastion of true Victorian send-em-up-the-chimneys capitalism).

A constant refrain is how much worse public sector sickness absence is - apparently 44% more than the private sector. What they don’t point out is how distorted the figures are by the arcane rules of public sector sickness. If you’re a civil servant and your sickness absence starts on say, a Thursday until, say, the following Wednesday, the two days of the weekend count as sickness absence as well as the “working” days. That’s an automatic 30% inflation, straight away…