Make the Start button redundant

Mar 23, 2007 11:03 · 164 words · 1 minute read

Here’s one for the Mac fanboys (and girls) who have to work in a Windows-only environment - _the _killer app for Macs is Quicksilver, an application launcher and much, much more. You hit a trigger key combination (usually Apple-space), type the first few letters of the application or file that you want to launch/open, and Quicksilver searches rapidly through the files on the disk and fires up the one you’re after. It sounds simple, but it really is lifechanging.

Quicksilver’s Mac-only, but there is a Windows alternative - Launchy. It works in exactly the same way, and you can skin it to make it look like Quicksilver if you’re that sad so desire.

It makes the Start button redundant, because it learns which files and apps are opened as it goes along - so the more you use Word, for example, the quicker Word will appear on the list when you start to type w-o-r-d. And so on.

It’s also freeware. Go try it…